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Holland Scherming: Your reliable partner!

Welcome to the website of Holland Scherming. We hope these pages will provide you with a good introduction to our organisation and product range. Holland Scherming is a subsidiary of Holland Groep Westland, which has its home base in the town of Maasdijk in the heart of the Westland region. We are a modern and ambitious organisation that specialises in screen and blackout systems for the horticultural sector. Our projects range from small-scale set-ups to huge complexes, and we serve clients both in our home country the Netherlands and far beyond. For example, we have executed a variety of projects in France, Germany, Italy, the UK, Poland, Scandinavia, Ukraine, Mexico, the US and many other countries. And we don’t just supply to the horticultural industry: increasingly, our products (decorative screens, for instance) are also bought by firms from other sectors. Our customer base includes a variety of garden centres, events halls, municipal authorities and swimming pools.

We develop, supply and install screen and blackout systems both for new developments and renovation projects. Our experienced staff makes sure that each new project is measured and realised to the same high professional standard. The required materials are specifically selected for the project in question and tailored to the client’s wishes and specifications. Where required, we work together with other subsidiaries within Holland Groep Westland, as well as a number of preferred suppliers, to assure our clients of an effective total solution.

We will send an installation team to install the materials on location at your project. This is done using modern, safe equipment that has been especially designed for this sector. The entire project is monitored and managed by a designated project leader, who also attends any construction progress meetings that are organised and who serves as your primary contact for the entire project. And even after the project has been rounded off and accepted, we will stand by with our team to provide you with any additional service you may require.

Holland Scherming is your reliable partner, both today and in the future. Thanks to our in-house development department, we can assure our clients of a product that consistently meets the most stringent quality requirements. For 25 years now, Holland Scherming has been a strong player in the screening sector, with a solid reputation and an extensive client base that includes a wide range of companies in the Netherlands and far beyond.

Feel free to get in touch with us if you have any questions or are interested in one of our products. We are happy to consult with you so that together, we can determine the best solution for your specific needs and wishes.

Holland Scherming: Reliability and Quality